samedi 28 octobre 2017

The Paulus Bolten art-shoe collection: the 2 eyelets revisisted

Sorry this time in english:
Since I realized this patina for my new American friend from the Silicon valley, who changed his European trip for some days waiting for this 7 color patina to be finished... A real Dandy, and with his elegance it shouldn't be a problem to wear the appropriate clothes according to it...

paulus bolten, paris, art-shoe, paulus bolten art-shoe collectionpaulus bolten, paris, art-shoe, paulus bolten art-shoe collection

samedi 7 octobre 2017

Bexley Chucca rehoussé.... e.a

Ce Chucca de chez Bexley, d'origine en marron moyen uni... rehaussé avec une patine en 4 couleurs, puis glacer pour en faire quelque chose de bien plus intéressant...:

patine, paulus bolten, bexley, paris